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Update 6/04
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Update 31/04
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In Progress: Cross Link Login
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Honor Points (completed)
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Mysql Implementation
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About DeviousPk

DeviousPk is a Runescape Spawn Server that has been online for over 2 years. The server runs on a powerful dedicated server which guarantees 100% uptime. As one of the most popular servers, we offer an active and pleasant community to be a part of. We're here to give you a great time on our server which has alot of features listed below.


DeviousPk has an Active Staff, Zero Lag and some Really nice Features:

  • Voting System with Rewards
  • Webclient
  • Different Donation Titles
  • Weekly Updates
  • Active Staff
  • Multi Pking
  • Xp Counter
  • PvP System
  • Tournament Events
  • Dicing System